Fat Glass Pipes

We specialize in hand blown Inside out and Dichroic color changing
Pyrex glass pipes and glass water pipes.

From mild too wild check out all our color changing hand blown glass pipes†

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Need a fat hand blown glass pipe like no other? That has lots of awesome Inside out, swirls, stripes and reversals, or maybe even with a few Dichroic stripes or better yet a full Dichroic glass pipe. Your search is over.

†††† Our Pyrex Bats, Bones or Pee-nuts are the perfect pocket pipe. Need something bigger, then our dry Hammer's or british shorthair kittens for sale with lots of color changing Inside out and Dichroic glasswork.

†††† For you Artsy pipe lover's our apartments in brooklyn,† british shorthair kittens for sale and legal smoke have lots of inside out reversals, swirls and Dichroic stripe glasswork. With plenty of room for water and stash in these awesome hand blown glass pipes!

†††† And for that killer cold smoking experience try our color changing seo company ny with its built in ice cube holder, there's no other tobacco hand blown glass pipe like it around.

††††† Looking for something totally different to show off to your friends. Then check out our color changing Dichroic or inside out† one of a kind Headpieces, british shorthair kittens for sale, apartments in brooklyn or legal smoke hand blown glass pipes.

Watch our Master Glassblowers
Live at work making
Dichroic, Fumed or Inside Out
hand blown Color Changing glass pipes.

Phone Orders Call 1-800-296-8633 Enter Access Code 05

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Check out our one of a kind color changing hand blown glass pipes.

We carry a complete line of
Detoxifiers and Dietary Supplements,
Glass Pipe Smoking Accessories and Cleaners,
Grinders, Pollen Catchers, Rolling Papers, Tobacco Containers
Replacement Sliders and Stems for Glass Pipe Upright Tubes.
Our hand blown color changing glass pipes†
is produce in large quantity's to assure plenty of stock on hand
for fast delivery to you. Wholesale or Retail

UPS Free Shipping + Tracking Number to track your package on large orders

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Color hanging Black lite glass pipes legal smoke seo company ny seo company ny Full Dichro Sherlocks


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